Mechanical Design and Vibrations Lab


  • Single and Rosette Strain Gadges analyze the principal orientations of theoretically defined stresses, as compared to measurable strains. Experimentation focuses on stresses and discontinuities in beams under flexural conditions.
  • Instron 5882 Tensile Testing Machine provides comprehensive material testing for the investigation of material behavior by analyzing three-point bending and fatigue, allowing students to develop stress-strain curves for metals and plastics.
  • Instron R.R. Moore’s Fatigue Testing Machine offers an effective experimental method for students to develop a comprehensive understanding of cyclic load as opposed to static loading. Students determine S-N curves, fatigue strength and endurance limits.
  • Pressure Vessels. Experimental study of the thin-walled cylindrical vessels using strain gadges in calculation of internal pressure. Understanding of the Hoop and Tangential stresses.
  • Rockwell and Micro Tukon Hardness Testers gadge material hardness after samples are heated, providing students with a better understanding of material property changes.
  • Benz Impact Fracture Testing teaches characteristics of impact fractures by measuring impact energy or notch toughness using two standardized tests, Charpy and Izod.
  • Six computers with Vishay data acquisition capabilities provide software support.