Fluids and Aerodynamics Lab

Our subsonic Aerolab wind tunnel offers a 12"x12" test section within a 20 ft. overall length. Several separate fluids-related lab modules are used to support the fluid mechanics course. Each experiment is mounted onto a gravity bench, which includes a water supply and flow measurement system.

More Details

Additional instrumentation includes friction measuring equipment, a variable pump set up, and a digital wind tunnel console with a three-component sting balance. Data acquisition systems measure pressure and airflow velocity. Pressure and force data can be continuously monitored and recorded. Students conduct tests of realistic (three-dimensional) models, investigate pitching movement (nose up), study asymmetric characteristics, test devices without a two- dimensional counterpart, and investigate stability and control. The three-component sting balance system is used in several wind tunnel lab experiments.

A hybrid projectile research project has been conducted for U.S. Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC), Picatinny Arsenal NJ. 

Fluid Mechanics Lab (ME 323), Senior Projects I and II (ME 391 and 392) and some Environmental Engineering courses utilize this lab.