BFA Digital Design and Media Art

Design Your Future with a BFA in Digital Design and Media Art

If you are looking for a seriously creative career, a bachelor of fine arts degree is the highest standard professional college degree among undergraduate art and design programs that you can earn.

As a digital design and media art major, you will learn to approach design as creative problem solving through content development in the broad areas of print, web, motion, gaming and emerging media. With the BFA, you will build a robust creative practice through rigorous hands-on courses in traditional studio art and emerging digital media.

The BFA in digital design and media art will set you apart from other design school graduates, and Wilkes is the only school in the region offering this sought-after degree with a breadth of design work and depth of art knowledge.

BFA or BA?

Receive personalized attention from highly qualified faculty with industry expertise  X  X
Gain hands-on, practical experience through internship opportunities and Studio 20, our student-operated design club  X  X
Learn to take a critical approach to art and its analysis  X  X
Develop an enhanced and extended focus on creative content development  X  
Create a highly robust, professional portfolio that features content created through a greater number of production courses  X  
Illustrate a deeper understanding of art and highlight your unique creativity and skill set  X  
Show employers in the industry that you’re dedicated to your craft  X  

To be considered for the BFA program, you must:

  • Be admitted to Wilkes University; and
  • Submit a short essay and a portfolio illustrating your best print and digital work.

How to Apply to the BFA Program

  • Organize items for your portfolio. You should include:
    • 500- to 800-word essay discussing one of your portfolio pieces. Why does this work represent you and your creative goals? Describe your creative process, the aspect you are most proud of in that particular work, and what you would like to improve about your process.
    • 10 to 12 artworks created within the past two years. Each file should contain your full name, artwork titles, medium, date and process description (such as what computer programs were used):
      • minimum of two drawing examples, drawn from direct observation, in pencil, charcoal, ink or any combination of these;
      • minimum of two digital examples;
      • four to eight artworks of your choice.
  • Format files as a PDF, Word document or JPEG only.
  • Complete the online BFA application and submit your portfolio online.

Please note: The BFA application requires the same email and password you used to complete your initial application to Wilkes University.

If you have any questions or problems with log in, please contact the Admissions Office at 570-408-4400 for assistance.

BFA Application

Scholarship Opportunity

Based on this portfolio review, the top three applicants may be awarded a merit-based scholarship or an increase to an existing scholarship award.


Heather Sincavage
BFA Program Coordinator