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STEM Letter of Endorsement

STEM Letter of Endorsement

STEM occupations are projected to grow by 17% through 2018, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Discovery Education LogoThe need for effective STEM education has never been greater. STEM, or applying science, technology, engineering, and mathematics practices to solve real-world problems, has expanded from an industry-driven idea to the foundation of teaching and learning in schools across the country.

Through inquiry and explorations, students learn content while developing the problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication skills needed in all career paths in the future. Help your students thrive as you develop your STEM instructional practice. Enroll in the Wilkes University and Discovery Education STEM letter of endorsement program.

Approved by the Pennsylvania Dept. of Education, this 12-credit program provides the tools teachers need to plan, design and incorporate STEM strategies into everyday learning. Upon successful completion, Pennsylvania educators can apply to add the STEM endorsement to their teaching certificate.

STEM TeacherGrow your understanding around STEM instruction and leadership:

  • Create and implement STEM activities in your classroom
  • Develop STEM lessons
  • Integrate authentic assessment strategies
  • Develop a culture of STEM in your school

Wilkes offers the only endorsement program coupling academic excellence from a recognized university with Discovery Education's proven expertise in STEM and digital resource integration. Course designers and faculty members have designed a curriculum that is both relevant and practical, allowing for immediate career application.

Convenient online learning

The 12-credit, four-course program is offered in a convenient online format. Courses are held in accelerated, seven-week sessions, meaning you can complete the letter of endorsement program in about eight months, all while focusing on one course at a time.


EDIM 502: Project-Based Learning
EDIM 513: Inquiry-Based Learning
EDIM 517: Practices and Implementation of STEM Education (10 hours of field experience)
EDIM 518: Creating a STEM Culture Through Application (10 hours of field experience)

Current students can keep track of program requirements with the program checklist.

Hands-on learning

Work with a supportive mentor who will help you implement STEM teaching, learning and outreach in your district. Field experiences take place at a school near you – no travel to campus required.

Admission requirements

You must have a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution. In addition, please submit:

  • Online application 
  • Official transcripts
  • Two recommendations
  • A copy of Pennsylvania Level I or II teaching certificate

Instructional Media M.S. 

Courses in the STEM program can be applied to the online master's degree in Instructional Media. This 30-credit degree prepares teachers to engage today's students through digital media and education technology. Become a specialist who can effectively blend academic rigor with the latest technology, from video to Web 2.0 to virtual field trips. The degree is a joint effort of Wilkes and Discovery Education.

Instructional Media M.S.