Spanish Placement Test

Students who are interested in taking Spanish (e.g. SP 101: Elementary Spanish I) but have not previously taken a Spanish course at Wilkes, will need to complete the Spanish Placement Test. If you have not completed this test, you will be unable to register for SP 101.

Once completed, tests will be scored automatically. Beginning the day following completion of the test, students will be able to register for the Spanish course for which they are eligible according to the chart below. If you have taken 3 or more years of high school Spanish, you should enroll in SP 102. Please email Dr. Chris Zarpentine for more information.

Score Requirements

Score Course Eligbility
Less than 70% Eligible for SP 101
70-90% Eligible for SP 102
Greater than 90% Eligible for SP 203

How to Register & Complete the Placement Test

  • Login to D2L at with your Wilkes username/password.
  • On the right-hand side of the screen, in the LIVE Tools widget, select Self Registration.
  • Select Spanish Placement Test.
  • When prompted, select "register", "submit" and "finish."
  • Once you register, you will find the course on your D2L homepage under “Ongoing” courses.
  • Select Spanish Placement Test and follow the instructions on the screen to begin the quiz.


If you have any questions about the placement test process, please contact:
Dr. Chris Zarpentine
Division of Global Cultures Chair

If you have any questions or issues with completing the test, please contact the Office of Technology for Teaching and Learning at