Welcome to Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Management Senior Capstone Projects!

Every graduating senior is required to complete ME/EGM 391 and 392, Senior Projects I and II. This is a capstone course designed to incorporate all skills and knowledge students learn and practice as undergraduates. Students work as members of a team to design and develop selected projects in the field of mechanical engineering under the direction of a faculty mentor.

The project team parallels that found in industry: students accept roles according to their skills and specialties and contribute to make the team and project successful as a whole. Students are involved with their projects from concept to completion. Teams manage all aspects of the project, such as formulating the idea, transferring the design to paper, accounting for design constraints, adhering to standards and specifications, selecting materials, procuring products, considering economic factors, building the prototype, and presenting their results. Some projects have been so innovative and marketable that students have turned their ideas into successful businesses.

The senior projects course is truly an opportunity for students to synthesize all they have learned as Wilkes mechanical engineering students and to show what they have learned to their peers, instructors, and visitors on the final presentations day in the spring. Enjoy!

Wilkes University Mechanical Engineering & Engineering Management Senior Projects Presentations - Fall 2020 poster