The Materials Characterization lab provides advanced instrumentation for analyzing chemical, structural, electronic and mechanical properties of different materials and surfaces.

Equipped with scanning electronic microscopes, this facility is utilized by a variety of faculty across the College of Science and Engineering for different research projects and educational purposes.

The primary Mechanical Engineering courses this lab supports are:

  • Mechanical Design Laboratory (ME 384)
  • Fluid Mechanics (ME 321)
  • Micro-Electromechanical Systems (ME 337)
  • Senior Projects I and II (ME 391-392).

Other areas of research and instruction include topics in Physics and Bioengineering.

Key Instrumentation 

  • JEOL 6400V Scanning Electronic Microscopes (SEM) is instrumental for surface imaging and characterization studies. Includes an X-ray EDS system and an electronic image capture interface.
  • TT-AFM Atomic Force Microscope is capable of imaging features in nm size with a scanning range of 15 μm. An environmental cell measures in vivo living biological samples.