Equipped with robots and other automation equipment, this lab serves such courses as Robotics (ME 317), Advanced Robotics elective courses, Senior Projects I and II (ME 391-2), as well as other research and project work. 

Our Robotics lab links together mechanical, electrical, microprocessor and computer engineering sciences, allowing students to create intelligent machines based on advance mechatronics and robotics technologies. Lab research provides students hands-on experience with a variety of automated systems, including robotic arms for positioning and grasping. Students learn principles of industrial robots utilized in important industries, including automotive, to perform multiple tasks simultaneously.

Key Features

  • The newly acquired IRB 120 robot (Figure 1) provides an agile, compact and lightweight solution with superior control for a host of robotics teaching and research projects. It is the smallest ever 6-axis robot with a standard payload of 6.6 lbs and a reach of 580mm, weighing just 55 lbs. Students use this robot to learn kinematics, dynamics, control and robot programming.  
  • Students designed autonomous maze navigating mobile robots (Figure 2). 
  • Using servo motors/Arduino  microcontroller,  students  built  small  walking  robots (Figure 3).
  • Allen-Bradley PLC system (Figure 4) teaches students PLC programming and industrial automation systems.
  • Eight engineering lab stations (Figure 5) include oscilloscopes, multimeter, DC power supply and function generator.
  • The IRB120 robot is essential for teaching the fundamentals of robot manipulator kinematic, dynamics, control and programming needed in regional and national manufacturing ecosystem, such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical, packaging, automotive, and solar photovoltaic manufacturing. 
  • This lab provides considerable undergraduate research opportunities and senior design robotic projects to instill essential skills required by industry. Our students participate in national and international robotics competitions.
ABB-IRB 120 Robot Autonomous Maze Navigating Mobile Robots 1 

Figure 1. ABB IRB 120 Robot

Figure 2A. Autonomous Maze Navigating Mobile Robots

 Autonomous Maze Navigating Mobile Robots 2  Small Walking Robot
Figure 2B. Autonomous Maze Navigating Mobile Robots

Figure 3. Small Walking Robot

  Allen-Bradley PLC System  Engineering workstations

Figure 4. Allen-Bradley PLC System

Figure 5. Engineering workstations