Mechanical Design and Testing Lab

Design Lab

This is a teaching laboratory for studying heat exchange and heat transport by conduction, convection and radiation.

Instrumentation includes a Hilton thermal radiation convection and conduction setup, Hampden heat exchanger, Hilton turbulent flow and cross flow heat exchangers. The radiation setup is equipped with an electric muffle furnace, plane surface radiator, radiometer digital temperature display thermocouples, photometer, and thermopile, which enables students to measure black body radiation, emissivity and radiation view factors. This lab serves the Mechanical Design and Testing Lab (ME 384), and is adequate for Senior Projects I, II (ME 391-2), and other project work.


  • Single and Rosette Strain Gages analyze the principal orientations of theoretically defined stresses, as compared to measurable strains. Experimentation focuses on stresses and discontinuities in beams under flexural conditions 
  • Instron 5882 Tensile Testing Machine provides comprehensive material testing for the investigation of material behavior by analyzing three-point bending and fatigue, allowing students to develop stress-strain curves for metals and plastics 
  • Instron R.R. Moore’s Fatigue Testing Machine offers an effective experimental method for students to develop a comprehensive understanding of cyclic load as opposed to static loading. Students determine S-N curves, fatigue strength and endurance limits. 
  • Pressure Vessels. Experimental study of the thin walled cylindrical vessels using strain gages in calculation of internal pressure. Understanding of the Hoop and Tangential stresses  
  • Rockwell and Micro Tukon Hardness Testers gage material hardness after samples are heated, providing students with a better understanding of material property changes 
  • Benz Impact Fracture Testing teaches characteristics of impact fractures by measuring impact energy or notch toughness using two standardized tests -- Charpy and Izod
  • Six computers with Vishay data acquisition capabilities provide software support