wind tunnelOur subsonic Aerolab wind tunnel offers a 12"x12" test section within a 20 ft. overall length. Several separate fluids-related lab modules, manufactured by Hilton, are used to support the fluid mechanics course. Each experiment is mounted onto a gravity bench, which includes a water supply and flow measurement system. 

Additional instrumentation includes friction measuring equipment, a variable pump set up, and Digital Wind Tunnel console with a 3-component sting balance. Data acquisition systems measure pressure and airflow velocity. Pressure and force data can be continuously monitored and recorded. Students conduct tests of realistic (3-dimensional) models, investigate pitching movement (nose up), study asymmetric characteristics, test devices without a two- dimensional counterpart, and investigate stability and control. The 3-component new sting balance system is used in several wind tunnel lab experiments.

Fluids and Aerodynamics Wind

A hybrid projectile research project has been conducted for U.S. Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC), Picatinny Arsenal NJ. 

Fluid Mechanics Lab (ME 323), Senior Projects I, II (ME 391-92) and some Environmental Engineering courses utilize this lab.