Reporting Claims & Incidents

Reporting Claims & Incidents

In the event an incident occurs that results in damage or loss, or which is likely to result in damage or loss to property, or which results in injury to third parties (visitors, guests, or in some cases students) a risk management incident report must be completed and filed to record the incident. In some cases an insurance claim will be opened and the appropriate claim investigation measures will be initiated.  There are several types of claims that Risk & Compliance Management needs to be notified of in a timely manner.

Any damage to or destruction of University property, including fire, must be reported to Risk & Compliance Management within 24 hours after discovery of the occurrence. Contact Justin Kraynack at at (570) 408-4554.

The report must be submitted to after discovery of damage to:

  • Any University-owned or leased building or facility.
  • Any University equipment, machinery, furniture or fixtures which are essential to the operations or use of the building or facility.

General Liability is defined as the liability arising from the day-to-day operations of the University. The General Liability program protects Wilkes University against claims. Contact Justin Kraynack at at (570) 408-4554.

Automobile Accident Reporting Procedures - Information on what to do if you are involved in an automobile accident in a rental vehicle, leased vehicle or University owned vehicle.

Vehicle Incident Report Form - Use this fillable form to report an automobile accident per the instructions in the Automobile Accident Reporting Guide.

An Employee Injury Report is required for all injuries to faculty, staff or student employees which occur during the course of, or arise out of University employment.

In order to receive benefits under Workers' Compensation, an employee must report the injury to their department immediately after it occurs. The department must report all injuries to the Human Resources Employee Benefits Administrator on a Report of Injury Form within 24 hours of the injury. For more information contact the Sr. Employee Benefits Administrator at (570) 408-4644.

All injuries, incidents, accidents, sprains, or strains(no matter how slight) shall be reported to the Office of Risk & Compliance Management in a prompt manner. If the incident involves a student, guest, contractor, visitor or any third party to the University, a Non-Employee Accident Investigation Report form should be completed and sent to the Office of Risk & Compliance Management.