Wilkes University

Insurance, Risk Management & Claims

Insurance, Risk Management & Claims

Wilkes University maintains a comprehensive program of insurance and self-insurance to address a variety of exposures. Insurance is purchased to protect against losses that could have a catastrophic impact on the University's operations and financial condition. The Office of Risk & Compliance Management is responsible for evaluating loss exposures and arranging appropriate insurance coverage to protect the University's financial assets.

Risk & Compliance Management oversees all automobile liability, general liability, and property claims handling. Risk & Compliance Management serves as the University's primary liaison with brokers and underwriters to ensure that appropriate insurance coverages are obtained and renewed when required.

Risk & Compliance Management also serves as an insurance resource for the campus community and provides advice on insurance matters and the management and resolution of insurance claims. Any questions regarding insurance coverage should be directed to:

Justin Kraynack
Asst. VP of Operations & Compliance
(570) 408-4554