Summer Program

From late June through early August students come to Wilkes to experience college life during a six-week residential program. Students live in a residence hall supervised by Upward Bound staff and attend full days of classes and activities.

Academic Growth

As a student in our summer program, you have the opportunity to prepare for the approaching school year by taking courses to overcome weaknesses as well as getting a head start on courses in the sciences, mathematics, composition and literature.

Each student works with our staff to create an individualized plan that includes three academic classes in the morning with an average class size of eight students. To support your efforts in the classroom, we provide a supervised study lab in the evening, complete with professional and paraprofessional tutors. In fact, most of our tutors live in the residence hall where they can continue to provide you with assistance. 

You can imagine that, with such a small class size, you will receive the help you need and also get to know your teachers in a special way. Our faculty are selected from area colleges and high schools for their dedication to helping students perform closer to their potential. And since your teachers are evaluated by our students every semester, we are confident that you will find them to be effective classroom leaders.

Personal Growth

For the vast majority of our students, this is the first experience away from family.
Our residential staff, is prepared to introduce you to independent living within a well structured environment. You will be housed in a traditional residence hall used exclusively for our students.

This residential experience can go a long way toward helping you to become a more confident student and young person. In the past five years, over 94% of our students found that the summer program made them feel more positive about themselves.

Much of the personal growth you will experience as a member of UPWARD BOUND takes place outside of the classroom. You will spend two afternoons a week participating in a career education activity and two afternoons in a special interest activity. Career education combines personal guidance with a volunteer placement in a local office or agency. Our "special interest" activities will expose you to an area that you may not have had the opportunity to explore, such as art, photography, or drama.

There is good reason why 83% of our members found improvement in their ability to make decisions; for not only will you have to accept additional responsibility for yourself, but you will also contribute to the welfare of the group.

Social Growth

Since personal growth is often the result of our interaction with others, you will find that a residential experience is ideal for improving interpersonal skills.
Over 98% of past participants told us that they improved their ability to get along with others.

In the late afternoons, you will practice group interaction and problem solving as part of a discussion group. The evening activities, designed to encourage additional interaction, can range from yoga to volleyball.

Our cultural activities and trips provide you with opportunities to learn as part of a group. These may include attending plays, concerts, and trips to Philadelphia, New York, or Washington, D.C.

Example schedule:

  • Morning classes, which prepare students for the next high school year, include such courses as chemistry, physics, composition, communications, reading, geometry, and study skills.
  • In the afternoons, students participate in a career placement program, extracurricular classes such as art and drama, and personal development discussions.
  • Evenings are devoted to study time and recreational and social activities such as sports, arts and crafts, aerobics, and photography.
  • Special events include trips to state parks and historical sites such as Gettysburg and Philadelphia.

The intensive six-week program gives students a chance to grow academically, socially, and personally by providing individual attention, career exploration, academic classes, tutoring, personal development, information about college, financial aid information, academic advisement, and SAT preparation.