Scoring Rubric for Research and Scholarship Fund

Proposals will be evaluated on the scoring rubric below. 

Failure to address all of the criteria may disqualify the application.

Overall Intellectual Merit (25 points) 

  • Has the research or scholarship topic to be addressed through this project been clearly articulated?
  • Has the applicant’s approach to the research topic been adequately described, including a discussion of the extent to which the approach includes creative, original, or potentially transformative concepts?

Outcomes and Deliverables (15 points)

  • Have the outcomes and deliverables been clearly identified?  Is the time period allotted to accomplish these outcomes/deliverables realistic using the available resources? The outcomes that are presented will be the measure of the extent to which the project was a success.  

Institutional Impact (15 points)

How will the expected results of the project:

  • affect Wilkes University as an institution? 
  • include and/or affect the applicant’s students in the activity?
  • enhance research and scholarship infrastructure such as resources, instrumentation, networks, and partnerships?
  • when implemented, achieve what is not currently possible?

Research Credentials (5 points)

  • Has the applicant, and each member of the research or project team, if a team application, been identified along with the applicant’s and team members’ qualifications, roles and responsibilities?  

Project Plan and Timeline of Major Milestones (20 points)

  • Have the activities to be undertaken to achieve the identified goals and outcomes been identified and described in detail?
  • Has a detailed timeline that identifies major project milestones, the anticipated completion date, and responsible member(s) of the research team been provided?  

Plan to Sustain Research or Project Activity (10 points)

  • Has a plan to extend and/or sustain the activities initiated with this award been discussed?
  • If the outcomes of the applicant’s project are terminal, has the applicant discussed how the project will impact his/her overall research agenda, that is, how does this project advance the applicant’s research agenda beyond this particular project?

Evaluation/Dissemination Plan (10 points)

  • Have the methods to be used to measure the extent to which the project’s outcomes were met been described?  Have the types of data to be collected been identified as well as how, when and by whom?
  • Has the plan to disseminate findings or products of this work been described?