The Provost's Research and Scholarship Fund

The advancement of a field of study through research and scholarship is a core value of Wilkes University as an institution of higher learning.

Wilkes University benefits from faculty research and scholarship across a broad spectrum of disciplines.  Since scholarship is a core value of Wilkes, President Leahy has committed $1M in funding for the Research and Scholarship Fund.

The Research and Scholarship Fund provides financial support to faculty for their work as scholars and creative practitioners. It awards grants for developing or implementing a research, scholarly, and/or creative project that requires travel, materials, equipment, time, or other scholarship- and research-related expenses.  Selections are made by the Provost at the recommendation of the Research and Scholarship Committee representing a wide range of fields and expertise.

For applicants that require long-term or more substantial funding to achieve their research and scholarship objectives, these internal grants may be used as institutional matching funds for external funding opportunities or to build preliminary data and information with which to apply for external funding.  External grants such as those awarded by the National Science Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts and other federal and state agencies may take a month or more to prepare and six months or more to notify applicants of their award decision.  It is incumbent upon the applicant to work with the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs to identify and apply for such opportunities and to plan accordingly.  

To review the initial charge of the Research and Scholarship Advisory Committee, please see Research and Scholarship.


Applications are accepted once per year, and the deadline is the second Friday in August by 11:59 p.m.  The deadline for 2019 is Friday, August 9 by 11:59 p.m. Proposals received after this date and time CANNOT be accepted under any circumstances and will be returned without review. The link to the application is below; only online submissions are accepted..

NOTE: All steps must be completed at one time including document uploads; you may not save and return later. 

  • Michael Steele, Chair
  • Amanda Modrovsky, Director of Research and Sponsored Programs and Grants
  • Holly Frederick, FDC representative
The Chair, Director of Research and Sponsored Programs and Grants, and the FDC representative are non-voting members.
School and College representatives (voting members):
  • Mia Briceno, College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Paul Reinert, School of Education
  • Kathleen Hirthler, Passan School of Nursing
  • Zbigniew Witczak, Nesbitt School of Pharmacy
  • Grace (Ge) Xiao, Sidhu School of Business and Leadership
  • Michael Steele, College of Science and Engineering

This funding program is open to members of the full-time faculty, including all contract types except contracts which expire prior to the proposed grant period. Faculty who receive mentoring or FDC support are eligible for Research and Scholarship funds. Adjunct faculty and administrators are ineligible to apply for funding but can be listed as collaborators.

A faculty member is eligible to be the lead Principal Investigator or Applicant on only one Research and Scholarship proposal and may be a research team member or co-PI on no more than two Research and Scholarship proposals.  

Awardees are expected to presented/perform/publish/exhibit in external venues that are subject to peer or juried review.  Ranging from the scholarship of discovery to the scholarship of teaching and learning, consistent with the Boyer Model, funding can be used for:

  • Travel to libraries, archives, sites and other locations necessary to complete the project.
  • Consumables and materials required for project.
  • Equipment, and/or technology not currently available.
  • Computers and software
  • Stipends for faculty time while off contract (e.g., summer). Each summer a maximum of $6,000 can be requested.
  • Research and Scholarship funds can be used for adjunct replacements for up to 6 credits of reassigned on-contract time for nine-month faculty.  Research and Scholarship funds can be used for adjunct replacements for up to 9 credits of reassigned on-contract time for twelve-month faculty.
    • The chair and dean must provide a letter of support for an applicant to receive re-assigned time. It is the responsibility of the department chair to find an adjunct replacement.
    • Budget $800 per formula hour (FH) for adjunct replacement.
  • Stipends for undergraduate or graduate student time required to participate in the project.
    • Note: Recent graduates will be considered University employees not students and must go through the appropriate HR processes.
  • Matching funds for external proposals

Highest consideration will be given to projects that hold strong promise to:

  • Advance the knowledge in one or more disciplines, by leading to peer-reviewed works
  • Advance the scholarly agenda of the faculty member(s)
  • Be sustainable
  • Support collaboration among faculty wherever possible
  • Engage students as part of the project
  • Lead to external funding (if applicable)
  • Enhance the reputation of the University and/or one or more of the department(s), college(s)/school(s)
  • Course or program development or revision
  • Conference or meeting attendance
  • Professional development (credit-bearing or not) not leading to a project as described above
  • Department, university, college, or school projects that already receive core funding from internal sources, unless the project extends into a scholarly realm for the faculty member(s)
  • Projects that have already received support from this program

The Research and Scholarship internal grant program is anticipated to support awards of up to $10,000 for one year, $20,000 over two years or $30,000 over three years.  The funds do not have to be equally budgeted over the time period (i.e. for a two-year grant, $15,000 may be budgeted in year one and $5,000 in year 2). Award funds will be available for expenditure beginning in January.  Each year of the grant is considered to be January through December.

Awardees are expected to present/perform/publish/exhibit in external venues that are subject to peer or juried review.  All products of the funded research and scholarship will be presented at the annual Wilkes “Celebration of Scholarship and Research” event and included in the Wilkes scholarship and research publication.

Should an awardee require additional time to complete a project or research, a no-cost extension may be requested.  Please use the No-cost Extension Form to make your request.

Proposals will be reviewed by the Research and Scholarship Committee.  Each proposal will be evaluated using the 100-point scale described in the rubric.  Reviews and recommendations will be forwarded to the Provost who will make final funding decisions in a reasonable timeframe.

Funded projects will have clear outcomes/deliverables, and awardees must submit a final report within 60 days of the conclusion of the grant period. 

For multi-year projects, awardees must provide:

  • Annual updates, including a documentation of expenditures, are due one year from the date of notification.
  • A final report within 60 days after the grant period ends.

Please use the following reporting cover page and template to submit your report.

Instructions and Application

Any questions may be directed to

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