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DNA Fingerprinting

Central Columbia High School

AP Biology students from Central Columbia High School performed the DNA Fingerprinting lab on February 25, 2021. This forensic lab compares simulated DNA samples using gel electrophoresis. The students used a sample from the “victim” (digested with two restriction enzymes) and a sample from each “suspect” to determine the culprit. Wilkes University Science in Motion (SIM) provided all the needed materials and equipment.

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Drug Dissolution Lab

Northwest High School

Wilkes Science in Motion teamed up with the Wilkes Pharmacy Department on April 30, 2021, at Northwest High School to present a drug dissolution lab. Pharmacy professors, Dr. Danielle Kieck, Dr. Kimmy Nguyen and Dr. Letitia Warunek led the lab, where students examined three different pill formulations to see how the body breaks down the outer coatings of pills and capsules and how quickly the medication is absorbed. The professors also discussed safe disposal of expired or unused medicines and how to use a Deterra drug disposal pouch to dispose of the pills in this lab.

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