Middle States and the Decennial Self-Study


 Self-Study Timetable

Date Action


September Selection of the Self-Study Co-Chairs
October Identification of University Priorities for Self-Study
November 5-8 MSCHE Self-Study Institute in Philadelphia
November 15 Begin weekly meetings of the Self-Study Coordinating Committee (CC)


January Selection of the Steering Committee (SC)
January 18 *Presentation on Self-Study to President's Cabinet
February 13 First meeting of the SC
February / March Determine membership of Working Groups (WG)
Develop areas of inquiry for WG's
March 1  *Presentation by co-chairs at the Full Faculty Meeting
March 13  Begin bi-weekly meetings of the SC
April 23  Campus visit by MSCHE VP, Dr. Kushnood Haq
April 24  Meeting with SC and all WG Members
May SC continues revisions to Self-Study Design
June Self-Study Design Complete (with approval from MSCHE)
June SC launches Self-Study website
June 2 *Update to the Board of Trustees
*Presentation to the Alumni Board
June - August CC continues to collect and catalog documentation for WGs
August *Presentation at Faculty Retreat
August - December WGs begin regular meetings to complete their charge (review data, conduct interviews, meet with SC)
October 5 *Update by co-chairs to Board of Trustees
December Progress updates due from WG chairs


January First drafts due from WG chairs
January - February Visiting Team Chair selected and confirmed
March *Campus-wide charrette based on WG findings
April Updated drafts due from WG chairs
June 1 *Co-chairs present update to Board of Trustees
May - July Co-chairs compose first draft of complete Self-Study
August Draft Self-Study reviewed by SC
August - September SC continued review of Draft Self-Study; community-wide discussion of Self-Study; revisions made according to feedback.
October 4 *Update by co-chairs to Board of Trustees
October Second draft of Self-Study generated and distributed
October - November Self-Study draft sent to Team Chair two weeks in advance of visit
October - November Preliminary visit by Team Chair; feedback from Team Chair on Self-Study Draft
December Verification of Compliance Report due
December - January Edits/revisions to Self-Study completed based on feedback from Team Chair


January Final version of Self-Study reviewed by Steering Committee and approved by the President
February *Steering Committee prepares campus for Team visit
March / April Visiting Team on campus
April Team Report sent to Wilkes University
April Wilkes response to Team Report
June Commission meets to determine accreditation action