Steering Committee

In January of 2018, the University established an 11-person Wilkes Self-Study Steering Committee consisting of the coordinating team, who will lead the Self-Study, and the Chairs for each of the Working Groups.

Coordinating Committee

Working Group Chairs

  • Standard I  – Chad Stanley, PhD, Associate, Professor English
  • Standard II  – Kyle Kreider, PhD, Professor, Political Science
  • Standard III  – Vee Ming Lew, PhD, Associate Professor, Math & Computer Science
  • Standard IV  – Gretchen Yeninas, Associate Dean, Student Affairs
  • Standard V  – Karim Letwinsky, EdD, Assistant Prof. and Chair, Doctorate in Education
  • Standard VI  –Jennifer Edmonds, PhD, Associate Dean, Sidhu School of Business & Leadership (through May 2019)
  • Standard VI  –Don Mencer, PhD, Associate Professor, Chemistry (from June 2019)
  • Standard VII  – Jon Ference, PharmD, Associate Provost for Student Success
  • Compliance  – Pat Sweeney, PhD, Assistant Professor, Nursing

The Steering Committee will:

  • Establish and charge working groups;
  • Provide feedback on Self-Study Design;
  • Provide information and guidance to each working group as needed;
  • Coordinate with the working groups to ensure that the key issues identified by each group are being addressed in a critical/analytical fashion;
  • Establish due dates for various drafts;
  • Ensure the timeline for completing the Self-Study is implemented as planned;
  • Review drafts of full/integrated Self-Study Report; and
  • Coordinate and promote communication about the self-study process, ensuring the University community has the opportunity to respond to drafts of the Self-Study Report