Middle States and the Decennial Self-Study

Committee Structure

Dr. Paul Adams, Vice President for Student Affairs, and Dr. Debbie Tindell, Professor of Psychology were appointed as the co-chairs of the Self- Study in fall 2017.  Upon Dr. Adams' appointment as Interim President in August 2019, he was replaced as co-chair by Dr. V. Ming Lew, who had been serving as a Working Group Chair and member of the Steering Committee.  Dr. Tindell and Dr. Lew, along with Brian Bogert, Director of Institutional Research currently form the Coordinating Committee for the Self-Study.

The Steering Committee is comprised of the Coordinating Committee and the eight chairs of the working groups (Dr. Lew still serves as one of the eight working group chairs). The eight working groups are populated with 56 members from the campus community.