Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society

International Honor Society in Education

Kappa Delta Pi is an International Honor Society dedicated to scholarship and excellence in education. The society is a community of scholars dedicated to these worthy ideals:

  1. Recognizes scholarship and excellence in education.
  2. Promotes the development and dissemination of worthy educational
  3. ideas and practices.
  4. Enhances the continuous professional growth and leadership of its
  5. diverse membership.
  6. Fosters inquiry and reflection on significant educational issues.
  7. Maintains a high degree of professional fellowship.


The Purpose of Kappa Delta Pi is to promote excellence in and acknowledge outstanding contributions to education. Kappa Delta Pi attempts to maintain a high degree of professional fellowship among its members, to excite professional growth, and to honor achievement in educational work. To these ends, it invites to membership persons who exhibit commendable professional qualities, worthy educational ideals, and sound scholarship, without regard to age, disability, color, rage, religion, or sex.


The emblem of the Society is a scroll pierced by a stylus, upon which are a beehive and the Greek letters KDP. The scroll and stylus symbolize the first tools used to record and pass on knowledge, in addition to the beehive which symbols toil. The letters KDP stand for the society’s motto “Knowledge-Duty-Power.”


The colors of the society are jade green and violet. Jade green represents friendship, which is exemplified in the fellowship the society offers. Violet signifies royalty, a sense of culture, learning, and the rights and responsibilities of command and authority.

Membership Qualification

Invitation to membership in an active chapter at an institution is dependent upon fulfillment of the following qualifications without regard to race, age, color, religion, sex, or handicapping condition.

General Qualifications:

  1. Demonstration of worthy educational ideals.
  2. Expression of the intention to continue in the field of education (except for honorary membership).
  3. Manifestation of desirable professional qualities.
  4. Evidence of leadership attributes.

Qualifications for undergraduates:

  1. No less than having a first term sophomore standing (the equivalent of at least 30 semester hours earned by the end of the term prior to the time of initiation).
  2. A grade point average ranking in the upper quintile of the institution, school, or college (the schools of education and the respective colleges form which candidates are selected), or grade point average not less than a “B” (i.e., 3.00 out of 4.00) based upon the total previous collegiate record of the student.
  3. At least twelve (12) semester hours (or the equivalent) of Professional Education courses programmed, in progress, or completed.

Qualifications for graduate students:

  1. Regular graduate admission status in a degree program within an accredited college or university.
  2. Completion of six (6) or more semester hours (or equivalent) of graduate work in the same institution applicable to the degree program in which the student is enrolled.
  3. At least twelve (12) semester hours (or the equivalent) of Professional Education courses completed, in progress, or programmed.
  4. A cumulative grade point average on all graduate work undertaken of at least 3.25 out of 4.00