The Wilkes University Postal Center offers may options for your shipping needs, from first class postage stamps, priority mail, media mail to U.P.S. shipping and our staff will help you decide which option is best suited to your needs.

We are also a pre-paid drop off location for the U.S.P.S., FedEx and U.P.S. Just bring your package to the front window and we will give it to the proper carrier.

The Wilkes University Mailroom is for the use of all resident students. As a resident students you will be assigned a mailbox and retain the same box until you leave campus housing (move off campus, graduate, etc.).

A blue card will be issued to you containing your assigned box number and combination. Please keep this card with you or remember your combination.

Your Mailing Address
To have mail or packages shipped to you, use this address format:
(You Name)
Wilkes University
(Your Box #)
84 W. South St
Wilkes Barre PA 18766

*your name and box number must both be on all mail or packages. The name must match the name assigned to that box.

Mail and packages are delivered by different carriers throughout the day. Typically it is all sorted and placed in mail boxes between 12:00 – 1:00.

You can receive packages at the mailroom. When a package arrives for you, a slip notifying you will be placed in your mailbox. Bring the package slip to the window during open hours to sign for your package and the mail room staff will be happy to retrieve it for you.

Note, all mail and packages go to the Postal Center and will not be delivered to any dorms. Using a dorm address will only cause delays in delivery.

Missing Package
If you feel you are missing a package please check your tracking number to verify that it has been delivered to the university and not in transit, out for delivery or available for pick up at the Wilkes Barre post office. If the package shows as delivered please bring the tracking number to the mail room so that we may assist you in locating it.