Wilkes University

Application for Admission

Applications for admission to Wilkes University may, generally, be completed and submitted online or sent directly to the Wilkes University Office of Admissions.

Students who wish to enroll at the University full-time or part-time must contact the Office of Admissions to obtain an Application for Admission. Information and instructions regarding secondary school transcripts and records, essays and/or letters of recommendation (which are required for admittance to some programs), standardized test reports, and entrance examinations may be obtained by contacting the Office of Admissions.

Note: Several degree and specialty programs have special application procedures.

Pre-Pharmacy applicants who are interested in the Pre-Pharmacy Guaranteed Seat Program in addition must submit an essay, three letters of recommendation and successfully complete an interview with the School of Pharmacy's Admissions Committee to gain early admission to this program.

Applicants for any of the Pre-Medical Scholars, Health Science Specialty Programs, or other doctoral-related programs, must note their interest on the application for admission and successfully complete an interview with the selection committee to qualify for acceptance into these programs.

Applicants for the degree programs in Musical Theatre or Theatre Arts must successfully complete an audition, and applicants for the degree program in Theatre Design and Technology must provide samples of their art or design work and complete an interview with the departmental faculty, in order to gain admission into these programs.

Applicants who are accepted into the Digital Design and Media Art program and are interested in the B.F.A., must submit a portfolio to the Department of Integrative Media, Art and Design.

Admitted students who qualify for an honors application, will be notified during the admission process. Students invited will be asked to complete the online application and submit additional essays and portfolio materials.

In all cases, invitations to interview or audition for these identified degree programs are extended by the academic departments at their discretion. All departments reserve the right to interview applicants or request additional documentation.