INVEST Program

What is INVEST?

Inter-Organizational Veteran Educational Support Team (INVEST) is designed to help military veterans, their families, and dependents with the transition into civilian life by providing support and services to meet their specific needs in post-secondary education.

Accelerated Admission Review of your application will allow the Admissions Office to review your application before other applicants.

Early Registration enables you to registrar for classes early. You will be able to apply for classes the first week they open. You will have to fill out a paper enrollment sheet for your classes and go to the Student Center for them to enroll you.

Resume Writing Workshops will teach you how to create a resume with your military experiences and translate those experiences into civilian terms. Mock Interviews will help you gain confidence in future interviews for civilian jobs.

Financial Program is an informational session on how to manage your money. Credit Union will help you go over money management and will enable you to plan out your paycheck and plan what you need to spend your money on and what is the best way to stick to that plan.

Our program offers a support system to assist you on (your next journey) Your next mission in life. Our Green Zone trained faculty and staff are here to assist you with any transition difficulties you may have coming back into civilian life. As a small liberal arts campus, we are here to give guidance and support every step of the way as you begin your educational mission. In addition, Wilkes University offers the majors military veterans seek out when returning to post-secondary education whether it be engineering, pharmacy, sciences, education, or nursing. INVEST will assist you with the transition into your post-secondary post-military education.

Contact Information

Catie Becker

Director Civic Engagement
(570) 408-3872

LTC Mark Kaster

Lecturer/Director of Veterans Affairs
(570) 408-5046