Wilkes University

Polish RoomWilkes's History 

Since 1950, Wilkes University’s Polish Room has shared the Polish culture and heritage through original artifacts and publications located in the room, which was designed by Polish artist/ author Stefan Mrozewski. The Polish Room is located on the second floor of the Farley Library and has been operated by the Polish Room committee since 1950, when Wilkes University was known as “Wilkes College.”

The Polish Room was originally located in the Parish Hall Guard Building, then later relocated to the Farley Library. Wilkes University’s first president, Dr. Eugene S. Farley, was inspired to open the Polish Room when he visited the Nationality Rooms at the University of Pittsburgh. He encouraged local ethnic groups to establish their own room on campus, because this would be a way that individuals could express their cultural heritage. The Polish room allows people with Polish heritage to gather and feel at home in Poland.