Tim Fentress - Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student -
Class of 2013

“My Wilkes Mechanical Engineering Degree instructed me how to prioritize and handle customer problems, from aiding in field service to designing custom engineered products. Wilkes taught me about integrity and to pride myself in quality.”

Songpo Li - Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student -
Class of 2013

 “The most unique feature of the Wilkes Mechanical Engineering program is that the research labs provide all the hardware, software and instructor expertise support I need to complete my research.”

Heather Thompson - Mechanical Engineering Graduate -
Class of 2013

“Earning my Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering provided the framework important for conceptualizing project design,critical in my job designing new pumps. Most importantly, Wilkes taught me the way of thinking when problem solving on the fly.”

Linting Xue - Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student-
Class of 2014

 “I was originally motivated to choose the Wilkes Engineering program because unlike at other large universities, Wilkes promises small class sizes, individual attention to students, and hands-on experience in labs.”