Hear it directly from our students:

“Finally, a program focused on the issues we deal with everyday. The Wilkes/PASBO partnership will ensure a relevant, meaningful and creditable program that will enhance our profession.” Ernie W. Werstler, Jr., PRSBA Business Manager/Board Secretary Exeter Township School District

“The things I leaned were directly relevant to what I do every day, and it helped me to build a network of people who do what I do.” Michelle Smithmyer, Business Manager, Claysburg-Kimmel School District

“I think all new school business leaders should go through it, as well as anyone hoping to move up into leadership positions. I was fairly new to school business and this gave me an opportunity to learn all of the areas of school business from a broader perspective…” Anita Danielson, Assistant to the Executive Director, Seneca Highlands Intermediate Unit 9

“This degree has helped me understand multiple areas of school operations and given me the ability to work more effectively with those departments. It has also provided me with the opportunity to move into other leadership roles within the educational setting. This degree program not only provides an educational benefit to the individual enrolled - it also provides an employer with an individual who has a well-rounded knowledge of the business aspects associated with educational institutions.” Susan Robertson, Business Administrator, Punxsutawney Area School District
“In transitioning to the public school sector from private industry the Wilkes University's SBL program provided me with in-depth knowledge on all functions related to the business support of a school district. The SBL program provided me with the credentials and knowledge to be more effective for my school district. That success in turn has helped me to gain the support and trust of the Board of Directors, Superintendent and community.” Eric Holtzman, Business Administrator, Tuscarora School District
“It was great to have exposure to ideas from Pennsylvania business office personnel and also from those across the country that were taking the classes. This program helped to improve my skills and knowledge and added credibility to my position in the district.” Ed Barnes, Business Manager / CFO, Fairview School District
“The program is well suited for working professionals and provided great interaction with students from other districts and states.” David Tirado, Director of Information Technology, Pennridge School District

"The degree led me to obtaining my Letter of Eligibility to become a Superintendent. I am now a sitting Superintendent!" David A. Wytiaz, Superintendent, Aliquippa School District
 “When I found the Wilkes program I was confident it was the best program I could take for advancing my knowledge and career. I feel the information gained while completing the degree was one of the most valuable resources in advancing my professional career. Anyone in school business or considering a career in school business should give serious consideration to the Wilkes SBL master degree program.” Jason Barnett, Business Administrator, Brookville Area School District
“Migrating to school business from the private sector, the SBL Program was the best way to get the much needed professional development while networking with peers and colleagues. My degree has made me better at doing my job, and enhanced my position with the school board, administration, colleagues and peers. What I like about this program is that many of the classes are taught by business managers who have achieved success through best practices …” Joni Mansmann, Director of Business & Finance, Canon McMillan School District
“During my annual end of the year evaluation my former supervisor commented on the Wilkes program and the possibility of me pursuing it. His words were ‘You can be forty with a master’s degree or without, you make the choice.’ I left his office and ended up signing up within a few weeks. I believe that it has helped me to say something about who I am and the dedication I have to my chosen field.” Mark A. Czapp, Director of Support Services, Spring Grove Area School District

“The partnership between PASBO and Wilkes University provides the opportunity for school business officials to achieve professional and academic recognition by studying in a graduate level program that is designed specifically for school business management.” John W. Frombach, RSBA Past President, Association of School Business Officials International Past President, Pennsylvania Association of School Business Officials
“This new partnership between Wilkes University and PASBO has created the Masters level program that will relate to areas in my employment and as a result will be a direct benefit to my district.” Laura E. Cowburn, PRSBA Assistant to the Superintendent for Business Services Columbia Borough SD