By the time you have completed the core courses in the Teacher Leadership and Instructional Coaching Series, you will have acquired substantial knowledge of research-based content and have translated that knowledge into practical application within your school district.

Your role within the district may develop as a true leader within in a school-based learning community that is greatly enhanced as a result of your acquiring and using knowledge that is not likely known by most teacher colleagues.
Teacher Leadership explores the concept of leadership, school culture, transitioning from classroom teacher to teacher leader, capacity for teacher leadership, facilitation skills and strategies, and is a transitional course to coaching. The course incorporates interstate School leaders licensure Consortium (iSliC) standards. Coaching, Part I defines instructional coaching and provides depth on initial coaching strategies used by new coaches as they develop their role within a school. Coaching, II provides additional coaching strategies used after the role has been established, and provides depth on evaluating program success using student assessment results. Problem-based Approach provides specific examples through case studies and using an inquiry approach to dealing with the teaching dilemmas and situations one may encounter when coaching teachers.
Educators can enroll in the courses by calling 877-574-1638 or online at .
Teachers interested in enrolling in this program must apply for admission to Wilkes University prior to or at the same time as registering for their first class with LSI. The application fee is required of all degree-seeking applicants.
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Program Plan
EDAM 5013 Teacher Leadership
EDAM 5020 Instructional Coaching I
EDAM 5021 Instructional Coaching II
EDAM 5022 Problem-based Approach to K-3 Literacy Coaching
EDAM 5023 Problem-based Approach to Instructional Coaching (K-12)