Wilkes Core course (Five required: one in hybrid format during initial onsite component; remaining four in online format):

  • ED 508 Intercultural Communication
  • ED 510 Psychological Foundations of Education
  • ED 513 Comparative Foundations of Education
  • ED 525 Introduction to Educational Research
  • ED 530 Utilizing Emerging Technologies to Improve Learning

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PLS 3rd Learning courses (Five total: one in hybrid format during initial onsite component; four electives in online format):

  • ED 548 Purposeful Learning Through Multiple Intelligences
  • ED 552 Teaching Through Learning Channels
  • ED 554 Successful Teaching for Acceptance of Responsibility
  • ED 555 Classroom Management: Orchestrating a Community of Learners
  • ED 557 Differentiated Instruction for Today's Classroom
  • ED 558 Teaching the English Language Learner
  • ED 561 Reading Across the Curriculum
  • ED 5002 Instructional Design for Online Educators
  • ED 5003 Facilitating Online Learning Communities
  • ED 5004 Action Research in the E-Learning Environment
  • ED 5020 Using Online Resources to Bring Primary Sources to the Classroom
  • ED 5021 Blended and Synchronous Learning Design
  • ED 5022 Simulations and Gaming Technologies for the Classroom
  • ED 5023 Building Online Collaborative Environments
  • ED 5024 Educating the Net-Generation
  • ED 5402 Cultural Competence: A Transformative Journey

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