Use Policy

Use Policy 

The Wilkes University Archives is open to all users with an interest in the history of Wilkes University. However, several rules govern use of the archive in order to ensure that the collection will contiue to be available.

1. Users may not enter the Wilkes University Archive unless a library staff member or the University Archivist is present.

2. Users must present their name, address, and photo id in order to be allowed access to the collection.

3. Materials may only be used inside the Wilkes University Archive unless:


  • The University office or department which created the material wishes to reference it, in which case it may be charged out for a limited loan period at the discretion of the Library Dean or University Archivist.
  • The document will be used in an exhibition, cultural performance, or university publication, in which case a temporary loan may be arranged. Users must request a loan at least two weeks in advance, and loans will be only be allowed at the discretion of the Library Dean or University Archivist.
  • Access to the document has been restricted according to the standards set by the Society of American Archivists, in which case use will be prohibited in any setting.

4. Users will only be allowed to work with one box or folder of material at a time.

5. Users must use care when handling documents, and may not write on, fold, or re-arrange any documents in the collection.

6. Users may not take notes in pen.

7. No food or drink is allowed in the Wilkes University Archive.