The Office of Diversity Initiatives develops and facilitates programming to educate our students for lifelong learning and success in a constantly evolving and multicultural world.

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Past Diversity & Inclusion Student Conferences

Maintaining Hope in Adversity

Keynote Speaker

Rev. Shawn Walker

Education is Key

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Cassandra St. Vil, Founding CEO, Amateka College Prep

Understanding & Addressing Social Inequalities

Keynote Speaker

Blake Lamberti Mackesy, Ed.D., School of Education at Wilkes University Doctoral Department

Challenging our Unconscious Biases

Keynote Speaker

Vicki T. Sapp, Ph.D., Student Affairs Director for Student Engagement, Diversity, and Inclusion Assistant Professor, Department of Clinical Sciences at Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine

Connecting with Social Responsibility & Inclusion in Changing Times

Keynote Speaker

SRA. Joyce M. Avila, President of Cafe, Creating and Facilitating Equality

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Director of Diversity Initiatives