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Wilkes University Science in Motion (SIM) Labs and Equipment

Wilkes University Science in Motion (SIM) Labs and Equipment

Wilkes SIM currently offers laboratory experiments in the areas of Chemistry and Biology. While most of the labs are designed for grades 9-12, there are some inquiry based, hands-on labs that are appropriate for grades 6-9.

Many of the labs utilize equipment that is often not found in secondary school science laboratories, including, but not limited to, UV/VIS spectrophotometers, gas chromatographs (GC), pH meters, analytical balances, FTIR spectrometers, centrifuges, melting point apparatuses, and compound microscopes. Many of the labs utilize Vernier probeware and interfaces to collect and analyze data. Laptop computers are available to use with the Vernier interfaces. In addition to the SIM prepared labs, teachers may also borrow equipment for their custom designed experiments and special projects.SIM Students in class

To view the available experiments, click on the category of interest shown below. A list of experiments will appear. By clicking on the title of interest, the experiment can be viewed and printed. Teachers may edit the documents to meet their laboratory needs. Teacher notes accompany many of the experiments.

To request an experiment or equipment, simply email or call the appropriate SIM mobile educator or the SIM Director, and the delivery will be arranged. Updates to the labs and equipment are ongoing. Please contact the Wilkes University SIM staff if there are special requests or suggestions for improvements to the offerings. Depending on availability of supplies, experiments that are listed on other Pennsylvania Science in Motion websites can be provided also.

 Biology Labs   

Biology Labs Contact:
Karen Baranoski, Biology Mobile Educator
Karen.Baranoski@wilkes.edu | 570-408-4620

Chemistry Labs  

Chemistry Labs Contact:
scienceinmotion@wilkes.edu | 570-408-4620 


Equipment Contact: Appropriate mobile educator