Diversity, Equity, and Social Justice Resources

Diversity, Equity, and Social Justice Resources

The following resources are to help you engage and understand the current context of racial injustice and systematic racism.

  • Seeing White; A 14 part documentary series exploring witness in America. Hosted by John Biewen (2017), Scene on Radio, Center for Documentary Studies, Duke University
  • 1619; Hosted by Nikole Hannah-Jones. Part of the 1619 Project, major initiatives form the New York Times 
  • Color Blind or Color Brave by Mellody Hobson ( March 2014)
  • Watch a recent panel discussion with Dr. Phillip Atiba Goff, Rashad Robinson, Dr. Bernice King, and Anthony D. Romero on ending systemic racism in America.
  • Learn about how to build an antiracist world from Dr. Ibram X. Kendi
  • For Once, Don't Do it - Nike video 
  • Racism has a cost for everyone by Heather C. McGhee
  • Systemic Racism Explained in 4 Minute Video
  • Take these eight steps to become a better ally in the fight for racial justice
  • Discover the negative impact racism has on the economy, explained by public policy expert Heather C. McGee
  • Ask yourself these three questions to decide when to speak up about racism.
  • Watch Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw’s essential talk on intersectionality.
  • Hear some hard truths about the American justice system in this legendary talk from Bryan Stevenson, author of Just Mercy.

Event/Organizing Ideas

We encourage entities to take the time to organize events that will further support the work against state-sanctioned violence. Below are some options with resources/guides. 

Event Idea:

Resource/How-To Guide: 

Healing Circle for the Black Community

Family­ Care, Community ­Care and Self ­Care Tool Kit: Healing in the Face of Cultural Trauma

(p.14 has facilitation guide for healing circle)

Letter Writing Campaign for Black Mamas and Incarcerated Survivors of Violence 

Survived and Punished--Toolkit for organizing letter writing events 

Virtual Campaign Effort: highlighting facts regarding violence against Black Women and LGBTQ folks 

Survived and Punished-- What’s Driving Criminalization of Women & LGBTQ People? 

Study Guide for organizing against police violence towards Black Women and Women of Color