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Discover Pharmacy Virtual Camp

Students at Pharmacy Camp

Have you thought about your prescription for a successful career?

If you will be a high school junior or senior in fall 2020 and are considering a major in pharmacy, learn more at Discover Pharmacy.

This summer’s Discover Pharmacy camp is fully online, but will still feature hands-on activities. The Nesbitt School of Pharmacy will mail a camp kit directly to your home. With the kit and some common household items, you will have everything you need for an interactive, remote experience.

During camp, you will have a chance to:

  • Participate in naloxone training and learn how to administer the lifesaving medication.
  • Calculate acetaminophen dosing and practice drawing up doses with an oral syringe.
  • Learn about asthma, COPD and inhalers.
  • Compete in pharmacy jeopardy.
  • Make cough drops.
  • Dissolve over-the-counter medications and discuss drug dissolution rates.
  • Build a heart model and apply medical anatomy and physiology concepts.
  • Learn how pharmacists help patients beat cancer.

Through a behind-the-scenes look at pharmacy, we’ll examine public health issues, pharmacogenomics, chromatography and patient education. We’ll also review the pharmacy application process, offer tips on preparing for the Nesbitt School of Pharmacy and discuss a variety of rewarding career paths.

You will have an opportunity to talk with current pharmacy students, faculty and deans while combining hands-on activities to get an introduction to pharmacy’s dynamic blend of science and patient care.



Please contact Bernadette Frail at bernadette.frail@wilkes.edu or 570-408-4280.