Dr. Karim Medico Letwinsky

Associate Professor/Chair
EDD Education Doctorate

Breiseth Hall Room 006G
(570) 408-5512

Dr. Medico Letwinsky holds a B.S. in Finance, M.S. in Mathematics & Secondary Education, and an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership with specialization in curriculum and instruction. At Wilkes, Dr. Medico Letwinsky’s teaching focus is in the quantitative research sequence of the doctoral program. As a prior K-12 educator, Pennsylvania certifications include: elementary and secondary mathetmatics and K-12 principal, with over 20 years in K-20 classroom environments, both online and traditional. Dr. Medico Letwinsky prides herself in being both a practitioner and researcher with a contagious passion for effective teaching of mathematics and for inspiring leadership to support student learning in every math classroom. As an international consultant for the Office of Overseas Schools in Washington, D.C., she shares this passion for teaching and learning mathematics through targeted professional development workshops with K-12 classroom teachers and leaders worldwide. Schools/countries where she has worked around the world include: Russia, Lativa, Lithuania, Estonia, Nigeria, Guatemala, Oman, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Belgrade, Austria, and Croatia.

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Presentation Title/Topic 

Medico Letwinsky, K.

Quality Schools International/Seattle, Washington

Mathematics – From Curriculum to Classroom Practice & Putting it all Together

Medico Letwinsky, K., Wathall, J., & Tanton, J.

Hong Kong

Fabric of Mathematics Learning Institute

Medico Letwinsky, K.

Tri Association: The Association of American Schools of

Central America, Colombia, Caribbean, & Mexico/Dominican Republic

Teaching mathematics: Concepts, procedures, questions, and more.

Medico Letwinsky, K.

AAIE, New York, NY

Leadership Development – Self Development

Medico Letwinsky, K. 

AISA STEM Learning Institute, Lagos, Nigeria

Excellence in Teaching Elementary Mathematics

Medico Letwinsky, K. 

EARCOS Educators’ Conference, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Preconference Math Workshop & Multiple Breakout Sessions

Medico Letwinsky, K & Cavender, M.

American Educational Research Association (AERA), Washington, D.C.

Beyond Reflection: Using Wordclouds to Support Metacognitive Processes (paper presentation)

Medico Letwinksy, K. & Speziale, K.

Bridges, Cape May, NJ

The Math the World Needs & The Math We Teach – Bridging the Gap

Medico Letwinsky, K.

QSI Professional Development, Almaty, Kazakhstan 

Mathematics Professional Development Regional Central Asia Conference

Medico Letwinksy, K.  & Knight, B.

CEESA Educatots’ Conference, Sofia, Bulgaria

Head Problems:  Math that makes you think!

Medico Letwinsky, K. et al. 

ISTE, San Antonio, Texas

Developing Mathematical Problem Solving Through STEM Project Based Learning (paper presentation)

Medico Letwinsky. K.

AAIE, Atlanta, Georgia

Planning Purposeful Mathematics PD & Sustaining the Change

Medico Letwinsky, K. & Berry, M. D

ECIS Leadership Conference, Rome, Italy

Professional Learning Communities: The Key to Systemic Change in Schools

Medico Letwinsky, K

CEESA Assessment Summit, Bucharest

3 Mathematics Breakout Sessions

Medico Letwinksy, K. & Speziale, K.

Bridges, Cape May, NJ

Achieving Mathematical Practice

Medico Letwinsky, K.

Wilkes University

Engaging Students with Remote Response Systems

Medico Letwinsky, K & Cavender, M.

Northeastern Educational Research Association (NERA), Trumbull, CT

Shifting Preservice Teachers Beliefs and Understandings to Support the Common Core

Medico Letwinsky, K.

European Council for International Schools (ECIS), Barcelona, Spain

Effective and Responsive Teaching. (Preconference workshop, invited speaker)

Medico Letwinsky, K. & Berry, M. D.

Mediterranean Association for International Schools (MAIS), Barcelona, Spain

(Teachers + Leaders) * (Theory + Best Practice) = (Powerful Professional Growth)2  

Medico Letwinsky, K. & Berry, M. D 

European Council for International Schools (ECIS), Barcelona, Spain

(Teachers + Leaders) * (Theory + Best Practice) = (Powerful Professional Growth)2  

Medico Letwinsky, K. & Burnside, D.

International Society for Exploring Teaching & Learning (ISETL), Denver, CO

21st Century Teaching & Learning – Get Smart! 

Medico Letwinsky, K. & Kashack, J. C. 

American Educational Research Association (AERA), Philadelphia, PA

The Emergence of Community Through Service Learning (paper presentation)

Medico Letwinsky, K. & Burnside, D.

Association for the Advancement of International Education (AAIE), Boston, MA

The Future of Learning: Smartphones in the Classroom 

Medico Letwinsky, K. & Reilly, S.

Hawaiian International Conference in Education, Honolulu, Hawaii

Creating Personal Websites: From Preservice Teacher to Professional Portfolio 

Medico Letwinsky, K. & Pesavento, S.

Hawaiian International Conference in Education, Honolulu, Hawaii

Math + Technology = Math Literacy – Preservice Teacher Anxiety

Medico Letwinsky, K. et al.

National Service Learning Convention, Minneapolis, MN

Earthforce “Bridging the Gap” Initiative, the Next Step 

Medico Letwinsky, K.

Association for Leadership Educators (ALE), Poster Presentation, Denver, CO

Achieving Excellence in the Online Learning Environment.