Dr. Henry Castejon

Professor Chemistry

Cohen Science Center Room 416
(570) 408-4607


B.S. Chemistry, Simon Bolivar University, Venezuela.
Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, Yale University.



Selected Publications

"The effect of point defects on the scattering and trapping of rare gases on metallic surfaces," H. J. Castejon, Surface Science. (2004), 564, 165.

"Nonequilibrium Molecular Dynamics Calculation of the Thermal Conductivity of Solid Materials," H. J. Castejon, Journal of Physical Chemistry B. 107, 826 (2003).

"Structure and Reactivity of o-Phthalaldehyde by X-ray, Microwave and Molecular Orbital Calculations," G. David Mendenhall, Rudy L. Luck, Robert K. Bohn and Henry J. Castejon, Journal of Molecular Structure 53, 645 (2003).

Physical Chemistry.
Chemical reactivity in condensed phases
Physical processes at the gas-surface interface. Transport Phenomena.