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In Chapman's words...

“I enjoy the interaction (at Wilkes) the most. I love watching the students achieve their goals.”

“Wilkes students love to have fun. They are good at prioritizing, and putting what is important (academics) first. These young people can juggle and do a lot of things well.”


Debra Chapman, Instructor of Biology, encourages enthusiasm for science...

in her students with hands-on learning labs and guest speakers in the classroom. Beyond the classroom, Chapman has created collaborative programs with area elementary schools, allowing Wilkes students the unique opportunity to teach children basic science principles.

One of these programs, We're Empowered by Science (WEBS), is designed for...

6th-12th grade students and aims to sustain their interest in science as they continue to work towards their goal of attaining a career in the sciences. Campers meet monthly on campus and complete labs designed by Wilkes faculty. Wilkes students facilitate the labs by assisting with hands-on components like mixing and measuring, as well as helping the students understand science concepts.

Adventures in Science is an annual Wilkes event for fifth graders from area schools.

During the day-long event, more than one hundred children can be found making things like volcanoes and “gak” in hands-on labs facilitated by Wilkes students and faculty. Adventures in Science provides a fun atmosphere for younger students to experience science, and gives Wilkes students the opportunity to see science from an instructor’s point of view.

Through Chapman’s efforts, Wilkes is able to serve dual purposes with WEBS and Adventures in Science. The programs benefit elementary students by providing a connection to the future and aiding in career planning. At the same time, Wilkes students get an opportunity to serve as mentors for the younger students and pass their enthusiasm on to a younger generation.