Wilkes University

College of Arts and Sciences

Dean: Dr. Paul Riggs

The College of Arts and Sciences advances the Wilkes tradition of liberal arts and sciences education by offering innovative programs emphasizing academic excellence, scholarship, and civic responsibility, so as to prepare students for life and work in a diverse and changing world. The College’s courses and majors explore the interconnections of human experience through the foundational study of science, society, communication, art, and culture. The learning environment of the College assures that students are challenged intellectually and benefit from close faculty mentoring. All students at Wilkes University engage in some area of study within the College while fulfilling the general education core experience required of all undergraduate students.

The College of Arts and Sciences seeks to promote the following values in our programs:

  • discipline-specific and interdisciplinary knowledge and scholarship relevant to the various programs offered in the College in the arts, sciences, humanities, and social sciences;
  • discipline-specific and interdisciplinary written communication, oral communication, and research skills that promote innovative academic inquiry, scholarship, and lifelong learning;
  • discipline-specific and interdisciplinary critical thinking skills relevant to the various programs offered in the College;
  • ethical reasoning, civic responsibility, and community engagement that demonstrate an appreciation of multiculturalism, diversity, and the liberal arts and sciences; and
  • a culture of academic, personal, and professional mentoring that prepares students for lifelong learning, rewarding careers, and creative and meaningful lives.

The College fosters pre-professional experiences leading to postgraduate study, and many undergraduate majors offer valuable professional opportunities through field experience and internships. The College is enriched culturally, academically, and professionally through strong connections to the local and regional communities.

The College comprises the following academic departments and divisions:

Bachelor of Arts degrees and minor programs of study offered in the College are as follows: