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Residence Life

Residence Life

The Residence Life Program at Wilkes is committed to providing a living environment that is supportive of academic pursuits while contributing significantly to personal growth.

The residence hall staff serves to help students enjoy and benefit from their on-campus living experience. Each residence hall is staffed by one or more Resident Assistants, each of whom has been selected on the basis of character, demonstrated qualities of leadership, and the ability to interact effectively with students. Throughout the year, the residence hall staff sponsors various educational and social programs for their residents. The Resident Assistants are also responsible for crisis management, discipline, maintenance requests, and ensuring that the University policies are upheld.

The Residence Life Program offers students a wide variety of residential options. Each residence hall has its own unique style, whether it is a traditional residence hall such as Evans, one of the older Victorian mansions such as Weiss, or an apartment-style residence hall like University Towers. Some residential spaces are reserved exclusively for students enrolled in the University First-Year Student Living-Learning Communities. Each residence hall has a full kitchen and laundry facilities. Single-sex or coed facilities are available. Rooms are equipped with cable television access, internet (wireless or data ports), telephones, single beds, dressers, desks, desk chairs, and closet space.

All resident students are required to participate in the University Meal Plan, and Wilkes offers a variety of meal-plan and dining options. These options are described on the Dining Services Web site: https://www.wilkes.edu/campus-life/dining-on-campus/.

Dining Services

Contact: Business Operations (studentmeals@wilkes.edu), or Dining Services (570-408-4991)

Wilkes University's dining services provider is committed to providing well-balanced meal plans, offering a variety of food options to students at each meal. Our students are encouraged to make the best choices for their own health and well-rounded diet. The University's on-campus dining locations include: Henry's Cafeteria, Which Wich, Grille Works, Greens to Go/P.O.D., and Starbucks at Gambini's. These locations will accept dining dollars, flex dollars, and meal swipes (with the exception of Starbucks), as well as cash and credit/debit. Dining Dollars and Flex Dollars may be redeemed at any dining service outlet on campus. Flex Dollars may be redeemed at participating off-campus vending outlets, including Barnes & Noble Bookstore, and on-campus dining facilities. Participating vendors may be found online. Additional Dining and Flex Dollars may be purchased through GET Funds at any time.
Wilkes University requires all resident students participate in the dining program. Resident meal plans offer unlimited dining in the cafeteria. Students on all meal plans have the option of eating at Which Wich, Grilleworks, P.O.D., Greens to Go, or Starbucks at Gambini's using dining or flex dollars. Meal plans are also available to commuter students and Wilkes faculty/staff. Henry's Cafeteria, located in the Student Center, is also open to members of the Wilkes community.


  1. All participants in the meal plan program are required to present their student ID card at entry or point of purchase. ID cards are not transferable and WINs will not be accepted in place of ID card.
  2. It is expected that eating in the University dining hall should be a pleasant experience for all. Therefore, any individual whose conduct interferes with this atmosphere may be subject to disciplinary action.
  3. All silverware, dishes, glasses, and trays must remain in the dining hall. Exceptions to this policy may be made only by the General Manager of Dining Services.
  4. Proper attire must be worn in the University dining hall at all times. Shoes and shirts must always be worn in an area where food is being prepared or served.
  5. Students are expected to assist in maintaining order and cleanliness in the dining hall. The violation of any of these regulations may result in disciplinary action.
  6. Meal plan exemption requests will only be considered for those who demonstrate that Wilkes Dining Services cannot accommodate their dietary needs, and provide the required supporting documentation. Full academic year exemption requests must be submitted by August 15th, and Spring exemption requests must be submitted by January 15th. Contact studentmeals@wilkes.edu for complete guidelines and instructions.
  7. Resident students wishing to change their meal plan for Fall may do so until August 1st by sending an email from their @wilkes.edu email to: studentmeals@wilkes.edu. Changes for Spring meal plans are accepted during the official change period of October 1 – November 15.

Available Services:

  • Students who are required to be off campus because of a University commitment (e.g., student teaching) during lunch/dinner hours may request a box meal from Wilkes Dining Services at least one day in advance. Students are expected to pick up the box meals they have signed for, and not to eat that particular meal in the dining hall that day.
  • Sick trays: Sick trays will be provided for students who are unable to leave their residence hall because of illness. Arrangements for such trays will gladly be made by the Wilkes Dining Services staff. Contact General Manager, Dining Services at (570) 408-4991 for more information.
  • Reusable containers are available at a nominal fee for students who wish to select and package a "take out" meal from Henry's for consumption at a different time/location.
  • Guests are welcome at the University dining hall and may make cash purchases.
  • Meal plans are available for commuter/off-campus students. Those wishing to participate in a meal plan may select a commuter plan by accessing the Wilkes Portal Student Services page, or a Colonel plan by emailing studentmeals@wilkes.edu.