Wilkes University

International Student and Scholar Services

The Office of International Student and Scholar Services (ISS) is part of the Center for Global Education & Diversity. It works with units across campus to provide these services to international students who come to the U.S. to study:

  • Immigration and visa information assistance both before and after coming to Wilkes
  • Advice on academic, cultural, and personal issues.
  • Liaison between students and other offices and departments on campus
  • Collaboration with a variety of offices and constituencies, including U.S. and foreign government agencies, other campus offices and departments, and the community,
  • Assistance with processes and offices outside of Wilkes University such as the DMV and Social Security Office.

A mandatory international student orientation is held every semester for new International students. Students are guided through topics such as

  • Adjusting to life in the United States
  • Adjusting to the American educational system.
  • Resources available to them at Wilkes University
For more information contact
Crystal Cool, Assistant Director of International Student Services (crystal.cool@wilkes.edu)
Georgia Costalas, Executive Director (georgia.costalas@wilkes.edu)