Wilkes University

Transfer Credits

(Please see individual department information for program-specific considerations.)

A maximum of six credits toward a master’s degree or 12-18 credits of post-master’s graduate work for terminal degrees, completed at another U.S. regionally accredited university or college may be applied toward the requirements for the program specific degree.  Acceptance into a graduate program is necessary before credits can be considered for transfer to the program of study. Students seeking to transfer courses from another institution may be requested to produce a course syllabus and coursework so that a final determination can be made. Academic officers who are agents of Wilkes University may review the syllabus to determine if the course contains graduate-level learning objectives, a sufficient number of contact hours (40-45 for a three-credit course), and an appropriate content outline containing assessments and assignments that clearly delineate student performance.

Wilkes University does not transfer credits for 1) courses titled as workshops; 2) other courses that are determined not to meet academically rigorous standards; 3) courses that do not align with the goals and objectives of existing Wilkes University courses; or 4) courses taken as Pass-Fail, unless the "Pass" can be substantiated by the former institution as being equivalent to a grade of B (3.0) or better.

A transfer credit form must be submitted and an official transcript provided in order for credits to be transferred. Approval for any transferred credits toward a degree program must be granted by the respective program. Transferred academic work must have been completed within six years prior to the date of admission to the graduate program at Wilkes University with a grade of B (3.0) or better. Grades earned in transferred courses are not included in the computation of the cumulative grade point average at the University.

Current Wilkes graduate students who seek to take a graduate course at another accredited university or college, in order to transfer the credits into their respective program at the University, must complete a "Pre-Approval Form" prior to registering for the course. All completed forms for transfer of credits should be submitted to the respective department. An official transcript must be requested from the other institution as soon as it is available and should be sent to the Student Services Office.

A student cannot be approved for graduation until all transfer credits are approved by the respective program, an official transcript has been received at Wilkes University from the institution granting the credit, and the approved transfer credits are posted to the Wilkes University transcript. All paperwork must be received prior to each semester's Wilkes graduation clearance deadline.