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Creative Writing 4 + 1

Creative Writing 4 + 1

Undergraduate students at Wilkes University or at our partner institutions hoping to attend a graduate program in creative writing after graduation may "double count" 9 credits of undergraduate and graduate instruction as a way of saving one semester's tuition in the Wilkes MA program. Qualified students would take CW-501R, the introductory residency, in person, followed by any two of the following online Foundations courses (3 credits each) during their senior year:

CW-502 Writing Fiction
CW-503 Writing Poetry
CW-504 Writing Screenplays
CW-505 Writing Plays
CW-506 Writing Nonfiction

Upon completion of these courses the undergraduate may apply for admission into the Wilkes graduate program with one semester's worth of transfer credit. Such students must meet all the same requirements as all other applicants in terms of demonstrated talent, ability, and dedication.Using the BA/MA (4+1) option, students will be able to complete the M.A. in a single year.

Please contact the program administrators at 570-458-4547 for further information.