New Student Welcome Kit

Welcome to Wilkes!

Our New Student Welcome Kit includes GIFs, yard signs, social media graphics and more to help you celebrate your admission to Wilkes.

Stickers & GIFs

Check out the Wilkes University Giphy Channel for stickers and GIFs to use on social media!

Wilkes GIPHY Channel

Wilkes commencement GIF

Graduation Caps

Print a Wilkes mortar board design to decorate your graduation cap!

Instagram Story Template

Download this template and bring your celebration to Instagram!

Yard Signs

Decorate your yard or windows to celebrate your success!

Cake Topper

Add some Wilkes flair to the top of your cake.

Party Banner

Download, print and cut out the letters you need to make the perfect celebratory banner.

Selfie Cutouts

Print and cut out some fun Wilkes-themed props for your celebratory selfies!

Wilkes Logos

Download official Wilkes University logos to celebrate your admission to Wilkes.