New Men's Dorm and Dining Commons

Agnes Flood Walking Tour

Learn more about the buildings and locations that were most affected by the historic Hurricane Agnes flood with the Remembering Agnes walking tour.


Built in 1966, the Dining Commons and New Men’s Dormitory was hoped to be an improvement from the barracks-type dormitories built by other colleges during post-war expansion.
Model construction for New Men’s Dorm and Dining Hall
Model construction for New Men’s Dorm and Dining Hall

It was a Y-shaped building accommodating 268 men and a new dining hall. The building stood on the grounds of two buildings which initially served as garages; one for Kirby Hall and the other for the Stoddart house. In July 1965 the garages were demolished to make way for the construction of the Dining Commons and the New Men’s Dormitory. This was due to rising housing demands which exceeded the supply of the university since 1964.

In the years that followed, several issues with the building became apparent. This led to some changes in its initial design such as the removal of over half of its overhead fixtures due to over-lighting.

The Impact of Agnes

The damages to the New Men’s Dorm after Hurricane Agnes were estimated to be about $150,000. Despite the damages, the building would remain operational until 1999. In October of 1999, Wilkes alumni celebrated the building’s history with a “Farewell to Pickering Party”.

The building was demolished in order to create some much needed parking space as its role was filled by the Henry Student Center, which was completed in October 1999. The Henry Student Center, also known as the SUB, is standing here today as a vibrant hub of campus life.

Dining Hall before Hurricane Agnes
Before the Flood
Dining Hall after Hurricane Agnes
After the Flood

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