Wilkes University

Dining on Campus

Dining on Campus

The food court in the Henry Student Center

offers a wide variety of culinary choices ranging from healthy to decadent. Every day you can select from hot entrée specials, fresh pizza and pasta, salad bar fare, deli items, vegetables, and desserts.

Also be sure to hit the Cuscela Dining Room during finals for the midnight breakfast parties. 

Downstairs, the Rifkin Café is centrally located

and has been designed for convenience. The café offers freshly brewed Starbuck's coffee, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, grilled panini sandwiches, over-stuffed croissants, freshly made sub sandwiches, grab-'n-go packaged salads, and a variety of beverages for that "on the go" snack or meal. 

If you're not near the Henry Student Center

and you're on limited time, the Deli Cart on the first floor of the Stark Learning Center is your place. Sandwiches, beverages, chips...

Trust us, you won't starve.  Find out more about what we have to offer.