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University College is dedicated to providing exemplary services to assist all students to achieve academic and intellectual excellence in the liberal arts, sciences, and professional programs, from their initial transition to college through their progress to post-graduate studies and professional careers.

Career Services

Career Services provides opportunities for students and alumni to clarify their career goals via individual coaching, consultations, interest assessments and Life-Career Planning courses. We help you to create a professional career development plan and to connect with the employment and educational resources you need to attain your career goals. 

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Undeclared Majors

Many students (and their parents) are a little nervous about starting out with an uncertain path, while being very concerned about the ability to graduate within four years. Being undeclared does not mean you will fall behind or will be at a disadvantage when you graduate. Remember, you don't have to declare a major until prior to the first semester of your junior year. You can even work with us to develop an individualized study program to customize a major to fit your unique needs.

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Undergraduate Open House

Visit us at an Open House. We offer them multiple times a year. Each one is a little different so pick the one (or more) that suits you best. You can register for your favorite one (or more) right here about a month before it's scheduled. 

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