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Faculty and Staff


Office: Cohen Science Center

Phone: 5704084627

Email: terese.wignot@wilkes.edu

Dr. Terese M. Wignot

Interim Dean

College of Science and Engineering


Dr. Wignot received her B.A. and her Ph.D. from Lehigh University. She has been an Associate Professor of Chemistry at Wilkes since 1989. During that time, she served as both the Coordinator (2000-2005) and the Chair (2005-2011) of the Chemistry Department. Since 2000, Dr. Wignot has been the Director of Science in Motion, a grant-funded program which enables Wilkes to partner with and provide outreach to secondary schools in the region. She is a member of the American Chemical Society and Phi Beta Kappa.

In addition to her proven leadership in science education, Dr. Wignot has contributed to the University community through her service on a variety of committees including the Admissions and Financial Aid Committee, the University Athletic Board, the Faculty Affairs Council, the Faculty Workload Task Force, and the Master Planning Committee.

Throughout her career at Wilkes, Dr. Wignot has been an effective advocate for the faculty in terms of program innovation and openness in the governance process.



Selected Publications

    "Scientific rationale for the coadministration of highly active antiretroviral therapy and bicarbonate-buffered pancrelipase to treat highly active antiretroviral therapy induced diarrhoea," Meeting Abstracts, T. M. Wignot, R. P. Stewart, R. Nahass, K. J. Schray KJ, Antiviral Therapy 7, 62 (2002).


Pharmeceutical Biochemistry.
Clinical applications of Biochemistry.

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