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Faculty and Staff

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Office: Stark Learning Center

Phone: 5704084827

Email: perwez.kalim@wilkes.edu

Dr. Syed P. Kalim


Mechanical Engineering


In each of the past two years, more than 150 area high school students have come to Wilkes to compete in the University's annual Engineering Olympics. And, thanks to Dr. Perwez Kalim, coordinator of the event, the Engineering Olympics is a learning experience for both the high school students who compete in the areas of bridge building, parachute toss, and airplane simulation as well as for Wilkes engineering majors who serve as judges to test the products for design and functionality.

“I work behind the scenes with the students to make sure it happens smoothly and that everyone enjoys the experience,” said Dr. Kalim. “It’s a student affair...I only started it. They (students) are the lawmakers.”

Due to the Olympics’ increasing popularity, it was recently featured as a Making the Grade segment on WBRE-TV, the local NBC affiliate.

An associate professor of mechanical engineering, Dr. Kalim is a member of several scientific and professional organizations including: the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME), the Society of Computer Simulation (SCS), the American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE) and the Institute of Engineers. For his many professional achievements and for his love of teaching, Dr. Kalim’s students have nominated him for the Outstanding Teacher Award for the past three years.
Degrees with fields, institution, and date

Ph.D.      Mechanical Engineering      University of Kansas      1985

M.S.      Mechanical Engineering      University of Kansas      1982

B.S.      Accounting (in progress)      Wilkes University

Years in academia, date of original appointment, and date(s) of promotion

·       26 years
·       Appointed August , 1988
·       Promoted to Professor 2008
Other related experience

·       Professor - Division of Engineering and Physics, Wilkes University - 2008
·       Associate Professor - Division of Engineering and Physics, Wilkes University – 1993
·       Assistant Professor - Engineering Department, Wilkes University – 1988
·       Assistant Professor - School of Engineering & Technology, University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR), Little Rock, AR. 1995-98
·       Regularly Teach Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Review Course - (Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, Combustion, Air Conditioning, Dynamics, and Strength of Materials Sections).

 Expertise - Thermal Sc., Aerodynamics, FE Applications, Energy Systems, ABET Assessment

·       CAD & Finite Element Systems AUTOCAD, ANSYS, PRO-WILDFIRE
·       Energy systems analysis FEDS, TRACE, DOE 2.1A, TANSYS
·       Quality control TQM, PROCESS QUALITY SIMULATOR
·       Manufacturing systems SIMFACTORY, SLP, CRAFT, CPM, GANTT


·       CoordinatorABET activities
·       Coordinator Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics Combustion Engines Labs – 1990 – to date
·       Coordinator Mechanical Engineering Program, 2005-2007
·       Faculty Liaison to Dean of CASPS, Wilkes University, 2000-2002

Consulting, patents, etc.

·       Consultant to ABET assessment activities – 2007-08, 2008-09
·       Consultant, POZ Environmental Inc., Pittston, PA. – 2005-06

Scientific and professional societies

·       Member, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), NY
·       Member, American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE), MD
·       Senior Member, Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME), MI
·       Member, Society of Computer Simulation (SCS)

Professional development activities in the 2008-2009

2008-09 Work with ARDEC (Armament Research Development & Engineering Center) Picatinny, NJ on development of next generation hybrid projectiles - continuing

2007-08       Experimental Investigation of the Transient Forced Convection Heat Transfer in a corrugated pipe - continuing

2006-07       Condensation Heat Transfer in Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Applications

Institutional and professional service

·         Various departmental and university wide committees
·         Coordinator, ABET Self Study Report

Percentage of time available for research or scholarly activities"Personal time allocated

Percentage of time committed to the program: 100% mechanical engineering          

In Dr. Kalim's words...

“I love my students, and I love working with them. Teaching at Wilkes allows me to work individually with them, and get to know their names, their backgrounds and, in most cases, their personal lives. It is very enjoyable. This environment creates camaraderie between me and my students.”

"Our students are here to study. They are very hardworking and are willing to be molded.”


Degrees with fields, institution, and date

Ph.D.          Solid State Electronics          University of Colorado, Boulder          1973

M.S.      Operations Research      Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo      1976

M.S.      Solid State Physics      University of Colorado, Boulder      1970


Years in academia, date of original appointment, and date(s) of promotion

·            45 years

·           Appointed August 26, 1985

·           Tenured June 1989;  Promoted to Professor June 1988


Other related experience

2007-2009 Distinguished Visiting Professor, Universiti Technology Malaysia (on sabbatical leave and leave of absence)

1999-2001 Visiting Professor, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

1991-1993 Visiting Professor, National University of Singapore

1990-1991 Visiting Research Professor, University of Tokyo

1976-1985 Professor, Associate Professor, and Assistant Professor, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia

1974-1976 Assistant Professor, Western Michigan University

1973-1976 Lecturer, Colorado School of Mines and University of Colorado


States in which registered None

Scientific and professional societies

·       IEEE-EDS Distinguished Lecturer, Chapter Partner with Delhi, Egypt, Ottawa, and Philadelphia; Wilkes Branch Counselor, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

·       Life Member and FIAP Distinguished Lecturer, American Physical Society

·       Past Chair-International Division, American Society for Engineering Education


Honors and awards

·       Best Paper in the International Journal Award of  the Universiti Technology Malaysia-2008

·       Kurukshetra University Distinguished Alumni Award

·       Man of the Year—1996

·       Most Admired Men and Women of the Year

·       The International Directory of Distinguished Leadership

·       Dictionary of International Biography

·       American Men and Women of Science

·       IEEE (Singapore) Appreciation Award

·       Who’s Who in: the World, America, Science and Engineering, the East


Professional development activities

·         “Science and Engineering: Building Bridges Through Nano-Engineering,” Seminar under the auspices of the Ibnu Sina Institute of Fundamental Sciences, Universiti Technology Malaysia, February 4, 2009, 2:30-3:30 PM.

·         Quantum Nano-Engineering, DL at South Campus of the University of Delhi, February 20, 2008, 2:30-5:00 PM  ( in conjnction with the Chapter meeting as a partner)

·         “Quantum Nano-Engineering:  A Short Course,”  IEEE-EDS Distinguished Course, EDS Kolkata Chapter, Meghnad Saha College of Engineering, 10:30 AM-1:30 PM, February 18, 2009.

·         “Quantum Nano-Engineering:  A look into quantum and high-field effects in nanoscale devices,”  IEEE-EDS Distinguished Lecture, Nano-Bio Workshop, Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), Kolkata, February 17, 3:30-4:30 PM. "Introduction to SPICE Models Extraction for Deep Submicron CMOS Transistor," a tutorial course given by Phillip Tan from SilTerra Semiconductor Fab in the spirit of developing faculty on emerging trends in the Semiconductor Industry.

·         “High Speed IO Design for System-on-a-Chip (SoC) in Embedded Systems,” a tutorial course offered by Wong Shee Kian, Aemulus and Nukala S. Murthy, UniMAP, Malaysia, December 1, 2008, Park Royal Hotel on the Island of Penang in Malaysia.


Percentage of time available for research or scholarly activities as needed


Percentage of time committed to the program. 100% Electrical Engineering



Principal publications of last five years

            Book and Manuals

·         "Fundamentals of the Finite Element Method with Engineering Applications." Book Publication Proposal submitted to Taylor and Francis/CRC Press, 2007

·         "Heat Transfer - Laboratory Manual." Wilkes University, Revised -2006

·         "Fluid Mechanics - Laboratory Manual." Wilkes University, Revised -2006

·         "Introduction to Manufacturing- Laboratory Manual." Wilkes University, Revised 2000


·         “Effect of coolant temperature on the condensation heat transfer in air-conditioning and refrigeration applications.” M. H. Al-Hajeri, A. M. Koluib, R. Alajmi, and S. P. Kalim, Accepted for publication in the Journal of Experimental Heat Transfer, 2008

·         "Heat Transfer Performance during Condensation of R-134a," paper # AC 2008-91, ASEE Conference and Expo, Pittsburgh, June 2008.

·         "Improving Retention by Implementing Outcome based Design Experience in a Sophomore Course," paper # AC 2007-558, published and presented at the ASEE Conference and Expo. Hawaii, June 2007.

·         "Design of A Pump Setup for Fluid Mechanics Laboratory," paper # 2006-264, published and presented at the ASEE Conference and Expo. Chicago 18-21 June 2006.

·         "Fire Propagation in Abandoned Anthracite Mines," (with William Toothill, and Emanuel T. Posluszny) Proceedings of the 27th Annual Conference of the National Association of Abandoned Mine Land Programs (NAAMLP), Bristol, VA, September 18 - 21, 2005.


·       Nominated for Outstanding Teacher Award 2004-2005, not awarded

·       Outstanding Teacher Award (2000-2001).

·       Nominated for Carpenter Teaching Award (1991-92), not awarded

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