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Student Spotlight

Jamie Alderiso

"They are immensely passionate about educating the students that go here."

Student name: Jamie Alderiso

Major: Theater/English

Minor: Secondary Education

Year: Junior

Activities On and Off Campus: Chamber Singers, University Chorus

Career Aspirations: I would enjoy teaching English on a High School level or going to Graduate School to get my MA in English or a MFA in Theater.

Most Worthwhile Leadership Experience: I think being a theater major, you have to be a leader. Everyone is their own leader. You have to have an independence to you because every actor is a unique artist and brings different things to the table.

Best thing about being a student at Wilkes University: The faculty. They are so able and willing to help you one-on-one. They are immensely passionate about educating the students that go here. I think it’s evident…if I’ve ever had a question or needed extra help or wanted to talk one on one, they were completely ready to help me out and talk.

Why Wilkes: Wilkes was the first school I applied to and the first one I was accepted. Both my parents are alumni of Wilkes, I grew up with it; hearing about it and their stories. It was was just kind of meant to be. I’ve been really happy with my experience so far.

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