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Student Spotlight

Kristen Pechulis

"Wilkes allowed me to experience many different disciplines and discover where I fit best as an individual"

Student name: Kristen Pechulis

Minor: Secondary Education with ESL Certification
Year: Graduate

Career Aspirations: When I graduate from Wilkes I hope to become employed as a high school English literature teacher, where I will also pursue my Masters in English. In the future I would also like to receive my doctorate and someday teach at a University.  I hope to be the type of educator that inspires students and supports their learning experiences actively, as I have been supported throughout my educational career.

Activities: Work study program with the Writing Center at Wilkes,  participated in the Writing Mentor Program member of Sigma Tau Delta (English Honors Society)

Most worthwhile leadership experience:  While I feel that Wilkes has really provided me with many great opportunities for leadership experiences, I would have to say that my experience as a writing mentor has supplied me with the greatest, most valuable leadership experience during my career at Wilkes. Dr. Chad Stanley, the faculty advisor who manages the writing center, and Dr. Farrell, my faculty mentor, have given me countless opportunities to lead, both in and out of the classroom. I feel the experience that I have gained as a writing mentor will truly help me in the future as a teacher. I have learned how to manage a classroom and how to guide students cooperatively. The time in Dr. Farrell’s classroom and the writing center have given me needed confidence as a future educator, and perhaps most importantly, the experience has provided me confidence in myself.

Best thing about being a student at Wilkes University:
I felt and still feel that the best thing about being a student at Wilkes University is that one is able to be an individual. By individual, I mean that one does not have to come to this school knowing how to answer the domineering question “What are you going to do with the rest of your life?” Here at Wilkes it’s okay not to have an answer when you begin.

In my experience, after high school I had somewhat of an idea but there had been so many other things I was interested in.  I loved art and always enjoyed English and here at Wilkes I was able to take classes in both fields. Wilkes allowed me to experience many different disciplines and discover where I fit best as an individual. I found and still find that aspect of Wilkes to be invaluable to any incoming student.

Why Wilkes:
Initially during my junior year of high school I had planned to go to a school farther away from home. I was visiting schools two or more hours away but I was told by a high school English teacher not to count out Wilkes. This particular individual also graduated from Wilkes with a degree in English, and his confidence and positive outlook on the University urged me to visit.

After visiting, my plans completely changed. I fell in love with the campus, the faculty, and perhaps most of all the English department. The faculty and the structure of the English program were so impressive and sincerely genuine. After seeing the English Department, Wilkes just seemed like such a good fit for me.

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