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Student Spotlight

Megan Neri

"If it weren't for him, I wouldn't have a 4.0."

Megan Neri, a Wilkes University industrial/organizational psychology senior, credits Dr. Carl Charnetski for helping her succeed.

“I was one of the first students in the new 5-year B.A./M.B.A. program inspired by Dr. Charnetski,” says Megan. “I was so motivated by him that I wanted to learn everything I could. I actually read ahead in the text because I was so interested.”

“Part of that is the individual,” Dr. Charnetski says of Megan, who grew up in nearby Throop, Pa. “She has an eagerness to learn and is extremely bright and motivated.”

She transferred to Wilkes University in her first year of college because of its reputation and through the recommendation of friends who have attended school here.

Megan has taken three of Charnetski’s courses: general psychology, applied behavior analysis and senior capstone. “The program offers tremendous opportunities,” she says. “The materials are first rate and the learning process has been very smooth.”

Megan is fascinated about the subject of discrimination. “It’s like a form of adult bullying,” she says, explaining her interest in finding ways to eradicate discrimination, which led her to pursue her degree in psychology. She credits Charnetski with helping her achieve her goals. “He is extremely educated and very helpful.”

“Megan has more poise and grace than a good percentage of seasoned professionals,” says Charnetski, who remembers her first attending his general psychology class. “She has such an inquiring mind.”

Soon after she began an internship with Pepperjam, a local company that specializes in affiliate marketing network, Megan was offered a full-time job with the company. In 2009 Pepperjam was acquired by Global Sports, Inc., a division of eBay Enterprise Marketing Services.

“She will succeed and excel in life,” promises her mentor.

“He is just a great person,” says Megan. “I would not be where I am without him.”


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